Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake – No eggs. No butter. One bowl.

INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (preferably Dutch-processed) 1 teaspoon baking soda (not baking …

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  1. Here's a tip if you make this cake. Use 1/4 of pretty warm water to dissolve the cocoa powder in, it releases the oils in the cocoa powder and gives a deeper taste. It's called blooming. Then add 3/4 of cool water making total amount 1 cup as called for in recipe.

  2. You are the sweetest woman but I have to break it to you, the cake was disgusting. I've used every ingredient and turned out not tasty at all. Please dont take it seriously.

  3. I'm so happy to have found your website . I've made the chocolate cake & just made the lemon bars. I'm Never excited about baking but I am now thanks to your videos . Thanks so much & love your personality too.

  4. Jenny u seem like the sweetest, yet fun person! i've watched a few of your videos, and when a dear waned a devils cake, w/o icing, i thought i would try yours, even though there's no eggs, butter, which seem a bit strange, thought definitely healthier!! its in the oven right now, and would have loved your easy icing (i'm a chocoholic), but my friend insisted not, so we'll see how it tastes! if we were eating at a home/terrace during Covid19, i would have put icing in a separate bowl 4 others 2 enjoy, but don't feel this is appropriate at the lovely French cafe where we're eating, so offered the icing on a separate day??? see a few bubbles on top, but don't remember your shaking the pan b4hand, as i do with other items!!! will let u know what she thinks, as don't know if i'll get a taste!!! thanks again for being so enjoyable, from a fellow Pole:):

  5. I made this a few days ago with the intentions of sharing it…well I did give someone a square piece out of the 9 x 9 cake pan.THIS truly is a deliciously moist cake. I make way more complicated cakes, and still this is a favorite. A local restaurant makes a Hot Fudge Cake that is really good, it's has ice cream between 2 layers of cake, hot fudge poured over top with some whip cream on top, and a cherry. Overall it is very tasty but the texture of the cake is a bit dry, I have now found the cake to make my own, and better. Thank Jenny for sharing. Please come back to YouTube, sure do miss you.

  6. oh my god !!!!!!! I am 10 years old and this is the best chocolate cake ever and the easy I saw so many recipes for whipped cream and this is the one and the easiest one ever thank you for this video !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I just realized this is Jenny Jones the talk show host! Yay! I made this cake and it was delicious! I love it bc I’m vegan and it doesn’t call for any dairy…and the butter in the frosting was easily substituted for a plant-based butter πŸ’–

  8. I made this as a sort of birthday cake for me for the weekend. I wasn't sure, to me a cake has a filling and a topping, but boy was I wrong. This is the chocolate cake I've been looking for my entire life. It's rich, moist, the topping isn't too sweet, and it's utterly delicious. It would work untopped as a pudding with cream or custard, could be double-layered as a special cake, or served just as you do it and it would never disappoint. My partner says it's best chocolate cake I've ever made. I agree. It's also the simplest by a very long way. Wonderful. xx

  9. This video is so wholesome but I just wanted to say that using God’s name in vain is sinful πŸ₯Ί speaking out of love and incase anyone doesn’t know! Jesus Christ loves US ALL unconditionally and eternally and God bless! All praise and glory be to God forever and ever! Lots of love! Read the Bible! I recommend starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John! πŸ’—πŸ˜ŠβœοΈ

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