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QUARANTINE MEALS – store cupboard ingredients (vegan)

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  1. I think all your videos are helpful, packed with great recipes, honest and from the ❤️ you are doing amazing in these hard times! Keep up all your hard work 😃❤️

  2. Gaz, for that pasta bolognese dish with the lentils, can you do that Italian technique where you toss it with a little pasta water, and cook it in the sauce so that the pasta absorbs all the flavour? Or would the lentils break up too much and get mushy? I haven't seen a ton of tinned lentils here in the states, but I can find pre-cooked ones from the Trader Joe's. They come in a vacuum pack of some sort, and tend to be on the firm side, so probably it would work out just fine for the bolognese recipe.

  3. I have been watching you for quite awhile, now. Your recipes are AMAZING! AND your personality is so warm and so humane! Cheer up! You are supported and loved!

  4. Hey guys, Jesus bless you, amen. I thank Jesus because this pandemic that has most people in panic because people do not know this is demonic & spiritual therefore, Jesus promises He will protect us spiritually & physically, Proverbs 3:24-26 plus He enhance spiritual authority so we can rebuke these demonic entities in Jesus name, Matthew 3:11, Mark 16:17, Ephesians 6:12 & to increase authority pray & fast Matthew 17:21.

    Many Christians have been making our God a liar by wearing a mask & many has died however, its due to unfaithfulness & sin as the Holy Scripture tell us, "The wages of sin is death." Romans 6:23.

    I have not wore a mask since it started & recently the government issued an order of summonses to those who do not wear one. Does it sounds demanding & or strange? Yes, it is the beginning of the New World Order according to Revelation 13 & the Government several times has said that this will last for a long time & will change the way we do things even in the future.

    It is written in the book of Matthew 24 & Revelation 13 & if you read verse 7 of Matthew 24 you will find that the word pestilence is written in plural tense meaning that there are more viruses on the way. Pray & fast for understanding for what I write to you is spiritual that has become physical as we all have seen & acknowledged beloveds in Jesus name, amen.

    I pray that our Heavenly Father protect us in Jesus name, amen. As it is also written in these last days in Matthew 24, this is the beginning of what Jesus has warned the world decades ago, amen? – Amen.

    Jesus bless, protect & save us all, amen.

  5. Gaz my butter and black bean burgers 🍔 came out tasting lovely but we’re a little dry! What would you suggest to help hold these bad boys together???

  6. You seem so disappointed. It’s such an awful time! I cannot to wait to buy your book! My Dad is 63 and a vegan and he is the one who introduced me to your page! He doesn’t comment on videos but you inspire people of all age groups! Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re awesome!

  7. These recipes look amazing 👏 I've only just got around to watching this, but I'm sorry you're feeling a bit disheartened. I will definitely be buying your new book. Your videos are excellent quality and you've come such a long way, so you should definitely be proud of what you've achieved so far! I hope you're feeling better now.

  8. And one positive post!!! I believe, that it can help

    spread vegan lifestyle and it brings people together! But we have to be strong. I also share your videos with my friends, your great inspiration!

  9. Hi, Gaz! I´m so glad I found your videos thees days! It´s great inspiration for me. I´m from Czech republic in central Europe. I´m vegan too and your videos are such a huge inspiration to me. Than I inspire my friends. I do some live streams on my facebook – we sing songs while cooking togerther 🙂 (I teach intuitive singing and voice practice). It´s great fun, but situation in our country is terrible :-(. Our government is trying to use the situation to destroy freedom of our country and small business. To destroy small restaurants, small businesses, because the Prime Minister of our country owns most of the massive agricultural production in our country (as you can see in some documentaries). He also owns most of the media (newspapers, TVs, webpages …), so for people is hard to know the truth. Small traders, businesses and freelancers are forbidden to work now, but the government does not provide them with any real support. I have information that a quarter of Prague restaurants are about to close because the government is not coming to help them. Our Prime Minister is trying to create a situation similar to that in Hungary with Prime Minister Orbán 🙁 This is a really depressing situation and I wish that there would be a way for people from abroad, other states, to help us maintain democracy in the Czech Republic. Our government is to restore communism so we can all work for one huge company owned by our prime minister Babiš- Agrofert 🙁 Oligarchy 🙁 Sorry, I don´t want to depress you. I hope we will find the power to face him! I´m also trying to learn now at home I´m considering buying your book, If I´ll be able to (I´m freelancer too :-/ ). I wish you a good time, enjoy every present moment and stay healthy! Great job

  10. Okay I’m making this chili for dinner! Yummy! You’re the best at chopping!! 🤗 Hello from Sunny ☀️ Florida! Wishing everyone the best during this shelter in place! Praying for you all!!

  11. Hey Gaz! I hope you're hanging in there through the big changes that COVID has brought. We just ordered your new book, so stoked to check it out. You're a legend and I'm excited to see your big plans ahead. I'm seeing a million subscribers so I cannot wait to hear that you will be opening a restaurant!!! <3

  12. Hello, recently I came across your YouTube channel by software suggesting, at least that’s what i thought 😉 I’ve enjoyed watching most of your videos, I’ve seen a few so far! You have a very genuine and humble approach to food. I love to cook and play with different flavors, you inspired me to try new food combinations. Even though I’m not yet vegan, I’ve reduced meat and processed foods in my diet, in order to stay healthy and energized. At the present moment those are very important tasks, I’m an ICU nurse dealing with CoVid19 patients. I can’t always stay at home. I’d like to purchase a signed copy of your book “Plants only kitchen “, but I couldn’t find information about international shipping. Thanks for your work! Isabel

  13. you're replacing our Lord God's beautiful meat with unnatural tofu. Vegans will not make to Lord God and Lord Jesus unless they repent, cause Lord Jesus said do not let anyone keep you from meats. Just have 25% organic meats and 75% of the rest vegan.

  14. Just recently came across your videos. Saw this one and am really looking forward to your book. If it's got more recipes like the one you did today I'm all in. Transitioning vegan right now. Started switching in January. Been following other channels like Simnett Nutrition, Jon Venus and Brian Turner. Look forward to watching more of your videos. This food looks amazing! And by the way how long did you have to soak the potatoes before slicing on the mandolin? I've never had good luck with potatoes on slicing with mandolin. Keep up the good work, keep your head up and I'm sure your book will help a lot of people. I'm pre ordering mine now!

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