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PART 2: It’s our Lockdown/Quarantine cooking video – easy munchies you can make with stuff from home! SUBSCRIBE: …

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  1. This coronavirus is a hoax. Google how many people have died from natural causes, then google how many people died from the flue. I’m talking this year. It will take you to coronavirus victims. So no one is died from anything but coronavirus. Hospitals have sold their souls in taking money to call every illness and death coronavirus : 62,000 Americans died from the flue last year did the country go into lockdown? Between 2014 to 2017 68,000 Italians died from the flue, did the country go into lockdown:
    This is the new world order and leading the charge is bill gates, who else: Wanting to vaccinate the world but not his family: turn the tv off for 3 days so you can have a thought of all your own:

  2. I’ve noticed that either sometimes you miss bleeping stuff or just aren’t doing it as much. I’m definitely not offended I have just noticed

  3. Sam, love the food ideas keep up the great work. For a guy that cooks so often you should be able to pull those empanadas off the sheet pan with no problems. Do you have "soft" hands?

  4. I LOVE THIS!! It is amazing how inventive chefs can be just working with what is on hand!! I think our current world situation is making home cooks (and even chefs) more inventive!!

  5. Green onions are crazy easy to grow. Get green onions from the store, eat the green part and put the whole white part in water that covers the roots but not the whole thing. It will grow a green part. Plant it when the greens are 2 inches tall (flower pot or ground) or keep it in the water near a window for slower growth.

  6. Za TAAAAAAARRRR. LOL! THAT was not soy sauce. THAT was oyster sauce. You can't fool an Asian with our own ingredients. Also, I don't know why every non Asian thinks they can add garlic, ginger, green onions and soy sauce to something and think it's improved. That ramen you made sucks. Cook each of those separately the way they were meant to be eaten. They'd taste much, much better than whatever the heck you made, would. OK, I watched only 12 minutes of this nonsense but it's 12 minutes of my life I can't get back. If even for the lighthearted humorous content, I might enjoy this but it wasn't even funny or helpful. If you think mac n cheese from a carton belongs in your pantry, ugh, I'd hate to see the rest of your "food." Acting cynical and casual doesn't make you cool. It makes your efforts all the more, contrived. Ima throw a NY strip on the grill. C'ya.

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