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???? Quarantine Cooking – Healthy & Easy Dinner Ideas LIVE!

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  1. Bobby, I hope you read this, because I have a sincere request. Could you make a "Bobby Approved" section on your website? My wife and I found your channel and we realized our horrible choices for so many years in what we eat daily. Can you please make this happen?!

  2. Was amazing this is what we had for dinner tonight… the kids loved it and was flavour packed… thankyou so much… was a great end to another quarantine day…😁👍loves and hugs to all from Wales in uk xxx

  3. Hey, Bought a beautiful head of cabbage and checked your Keto Meal Prep cookbook for recipes. To my amazement there were 3 pages that contained a recipe for cabbage stew; 193, 201, 246. Well, page 193 is missing, Page 246 is the Allergen Index!!!!! Didn’t you proofread this book for boo boos?

  4. I do belong to Thrive but never saw the benefit until I started watching your channel! Thank fir all the great food education & at an affordable price!!! 😍

  5. I fed my daughter healthy vegetables when she was Rose age, all freshly cooked, she was always very strong and healthy 17 now and likes junk more. Her ideas are changing though

  6. Thank you Bobby and Desie for the videos ♥️ would you please keep the camera on the products Bobby use instead of focusing on the bowl of salad or dressing instead. It will help us to know which brands/packaging we should purchase. Thanks ♥️

  7. Thank you Bobby, Desi and Rose for making daily delicious informative videos during this time of staying home. Your videos Flavor my day and always make me hungry. 😍✌🏻 Watching from South Korea!

  8. Where can the recipe for the cookies be found? I've been looking to find a chocolate chip recipe like that. Should have known Bobby would have the perfect one.

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