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Perfect Instant Pot Beans| Quick and Easy Vegan Instant Pot Recipe

How to Perfectly Cook Beans in an Instant Pot If I told you that you could have perfectly cooked beans at home, in fewer than two hours, including soaking time, …

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  1. At 1:30 of the video you said you used 1.5 cups dried kidney beans but at 5:10 you said they were pinto beans. As this is the first bean tutorial I’ve looked at and having never made beans using dried beans I’m slightly confused as to what type of beans to use. Perhaps it doesn’t matter.

  2. Thank you so much for this greatly helpful tutorial! I have 1 question – I always loved the 'pot liquor' made by the pinto beans cooked on the stove, even unseasoned. I have not been able to duplicate that flavor in my Instant Pot. Adding 1/2 of a large onion, chopped, to my IP helps, but not enough. Do you have any ideas??

  3. Stumbled across your channel, because I’ve just ordered an instant pot. What a great video!
    Now I’m about to go and watch all other vids on your channel.

  4. Bean soak water (unsalted, not hot) is excellent for compost! Very bioavailable and appreciated by the critters who turn your kitchen scraps into healthy soil. Just season during cooking, not soaking.

  5. The tip about waiting for acidic items after the bean's cook time is something new to me. Thank you for your very thorough instructions too, it sounds like you did test and test to find what worked best, great stuff!

  6. Your fingers are longer than mine, so adding water to my first knuckle wont give me the correct amount of water. How do I make sure I have enough water?

  7. Read your Instant Pot manual, it states in there for dried beans, lentels, rice etc., that you should always do a Slow Release, and it's not a good idea to put your nose or face over the steam coming out of the vent, you could get burnt, and you are giving the WRONG information to people doing so….!

  8. Ok…look…you've taught this Southern girl that tasting your broth before cooking is a thing! I love it and it's a new perspective for me! Love you! I'm from a long line of bean cookers and there were no instant pots. This is life!

  9. I live in México and we use to eat them almost every day, In a restaurants almost allways they serve the food with beans. I let them all night in water, and allways use the liquid, if you blend them it's like a very good soup. We don't use to eat them in salads, but it's a good idea i'm going to try.

  10. I don't know why my beans cook so fast. I'm down to 3-4 min in my insta pot. In 25 min I'll have mush. Even with tomatoes in them they cook in 4 min. My freezer has lots of beans, rice and wheat ready to thaw.

  11. I tried their "Dry" bean time in cooking beans, and it only took 35 minutes to get the 16 bean mix soft. I made mine into bean soup, and I was experimenting to see if their cooking time was for real if I didn't soak the beans — and it was. AMAZING! I LOVE the instant pot! It will revolutionize the was I make bean soup! I will be eating a lot more of it…and for the vegans mine had no ham or animal product, and it tasted wonderful. YUM YUM!!! (Might have to revamp time to about 50 minutes, since I cooked additional time because of adding potatoes and carrots at the end….but still it's FAST compared to other methods.)

  12. I like all the spice jar's in the background where can i buy those Thanks 1-1-20 Do a video and show us All the things like the spice jars that you really like using in your kitchen

  13. I appreciate your advice, but I've been cooking beans (garbanzo, cannelloni, from dry for years. Before I bought an instant pot, I did them in a slow cooker. I always rinse the beans in water before adding them to either the slow cooker or instant pot. I'd cover the beans usually with broth and spices and let them cook on high in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours. Beans always came out perfect. Now I do them in an instant pot, same rinsing, broth and spice but I find the cooking time on high pressure in an instant pot is about 75 minutes. If they are not fully cooked after the pressure is released naturally, I'll add add another 30 minutes under high pressure (and a bit more liquid, if necessary), and that does it.

  14. I love my instant pot and use it often, l make bean often too, l soak mine beans over night, rinse clean then put in my instant pot and add some ingredients then cook for 15 minutes and let natural release for 30 minutes then add more seasoning and let it set for another 20 minutes with my extra instant top for the pot and l’m in bean heaven after that. I love being a vegan over 10 years now. Love your video so much thanks for sharing 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  15. From my experience, the main reason people USED TO soak beans (I mean, in modern times, with modern kitchen appliances) was the concern about phytic acid.

    However, we now know that phytic acid likely plays a role in preventing several types of cancer, and is worth preserving. Better to put dry beans in a pot of water until cooked to desired tenderness, then add any other ingredients or add the plain, cooked beans (hot or cold) to other dishes, for all the benefits, including fibre, protein, and cancer-fighting phytic acid.

  16. How to cook beans. Rinse them off. Put half a pound in your crock pot cover with water to top of crock pot. Set temp to medium. Go to bed. Wake up. Lift crock pot lid and find cooked beans.

  17. Thanks for the info on cooking beans very helpful. Was rather shocked when I saw you put your face towards the steam though. That's really not a good example and some people could get badly burned.

  18. Sorry to be too critical, but this is really a silly video. 15 minutes to talk for 25 minutes cooking time of making simple beans. He can’t even remember some of the ingredients that he’s been holding and repeating three times. Waste of time

  19. Nice video, we got our mini about 4 months ago and i used to do them on the stove 2-3 hrs depending on how much i made. I just clean and rinse, start sauté mode so after liquid is in, then add everything is in it starts faster, add most of the spices you do but a little oregano and New Mexico chili powder also, 2 cups beans and 3.5 cups liquid, i use 1.5 to 2 cups veg or chicken stock and the rest water. Set it for 45 min. And check and stir and usually reset for 15 more min to thicken up the juice or smash a few beans to help it out.. Some times i leave it like that or just use my emulsifier and make they all blended, add come cheese and make great for serving with rice and whatever else, make great bean and cheese burrito’s too.

  20. Some vegan doctors like Dr. Joel Furhman say to address gassiness, reduce the amount of beans you eat to an amount that doesn’t bother you (even a teaspoon) and slowly increase from there over time.

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