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Perfect FILET MIGNON Dinner At Home – Delicious MOTHER'S DAY STEAK Recipe

If you’re interested to learn about mothers day recipes. This video is about mothers day recipes information but also try to cover the following subject: -mother’s …

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  1. Wow that 1 dislike o.O probably a hater. The rose is a good touch. I will do it for the next special occasion. … wait next occasion is my bday next mouth. Guess I'm making rose for myself lmao.

  2. That was perfection bro, but honestly you shoulda made her her own plate, im sure she is grateful but a plate like that deserves to be for her so she can enjoy her nice delicious dinner 🍽 love brother take care

  3. Hey Ninja, totally loved the way you rolled on this cook. Any woman will see the love and care you put into this cook. Not gonna lie, I'm totally going to steal those rose potatoes from you. I make a mean steak and grilled asparagus. I'll be a well loved hero after this one. Thanks man !

  4. Fantastic Ninja, I'm definitely gonna try the potato rose for my wife on Mother's day and all the other stuff too. Thanks for the great idea. Happy Mothers day Mrs. Ninja. ❤❤❤

  5. You're the man Ninja! I love how you take care of Mrs Ninja, it's awesome to see you too interact so lovingly, that's not just for the camera is it, LOL. this will be me and my wife's first mother's day our son will be born May 15th I'm making this for mother's day for sure thank you thank you Mr Ninja 😁

  6. Brother…I know it's late on your planet but I have been doing yard work all day. That looks bomba hermano. The filet had a nice fat content too. If you want more crisp on those papas, just use a little bit more potatoes for the roses and butter or oil your pan and forget the cupcake wraps. Dale compa!! Happy Mother's Day Mrs.Ninja.

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