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Perfect Beef Ribs Every Time • Taste Show

Craving spicy beef ribs? Here’s the perfect spicy beef short ribs recipe for you. The beef short ribs are stir fried with 3 different kind of chili peppers, namely red …

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  1. The way this chef put one of his hand on his back hips looks exactly like my dad when he cook lol
    Well they are both asian man. My dad's cooking is really delicious too tho hes not a chef. I wonder if its a gesture acquired by Asian men who can cook good

  2. I consider myself a reasonable authority and cook of Chinese food for me and my family, I am 3rd generation Chinese and have received much instruction and help from my elders.
    Your "easy to watch recipes and instruction" have helped me to improve and serve my family and create the most amazing responses of appreciation from them, they are tough to please, believe me.
    I thank you very much.
    Superb Master Chef, please continue the excellent work, we love it !!!!!
    Thank you.

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