PALEO DESSERT RECIPES: easy healthy desserts

Paleo dessert recipes that are easy healthy desserts! FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK: HEALTHY DESSERTS PLAYLIST: …

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  1. This lava cake looks so delicious! Seriously Iam making this and the cookie tomorrow lol❤ Thank you Liv! You are always helping my family to stay healthy and happy!! Sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤

  2. Hey Liv.. Love your recipes, but I would love to challenge you to make these style recipes but without any nut products and also without seed butter. I can't have nuts and seed butter of any sort also makes me feel ill.. Would love to see what you can make 😉☺️💜💕😄 thanks xx

  3. Girl, you are the best!! Just in time for V-day!💞 Do you think I could use a paleo flour blend instead of straight almond flour for the skillet cookie? It's a mixture of almond, tapioca, and arrowroot.

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