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PALEO BREAKFAST RECIPES: easy healthy breakfast ideas

Paleo breakfast recipes that are easy healthy breakfast ideas! MORE HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS: SUBSCRIBE: …

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  1. So I basically chose that for breakfast I wanted Greek yogurt with strawberry rhubarb sauce my mom made, but then I really wanted an egg and avocado because they tend to keep me feeling full. But we also have a sweet potato that’s going bad soon, so I want to roast it and eat it. So apparently for breakfast I am having yogurt with sauce, an egg, an avocado, and a sweet potato. Bone apple teeth

  2. oh my goodness – just got so hungry! Love these recipes! I've been thinking that I need to switch up my breakfast options since I usually just have oatmeal. You've definitely inspired me, thanks!

  3. Hey Liv.
    That stove top granola looks great. I think I’ll try it with mashed banana instead of the coconut sugar. I had a naturopathic doctor tell me that we should be careful with the “healthy” sugars 😬

  4. I can honestly say that I could survive and thrive the rest of my life on your recipes Liv!! Iam just so happy that I found you, honestly my family and I love your food so much!! Thank you❤ Sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤❤

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