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Organic Food : Cupcake Recipe Using Almond Flour

Certain organic cupcake recipes use almond flour during the baking process. Learn a cupcake recipe using almond flour with help from a nutrition expert and …

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  1. I made this muffins today but instead of filling them, I mixed them with a lot of dried fruits and nuts …and butter instead of coconut oil…came out perfect and delicious!!! πŸ˜‹ thank you for sharing πŸ‘

  2. It wouldn't be an exact swap out Alex, and I find stevia to be a bit bitter in baked goods. You can try using 1 or 2 teaspoons and maybe some applesauce or date puree to make up for some sweetness.

  3. These would be really delicious with whipped coconut cream, you can find the recipe on nutritious america (dot) com just search whipped coconut cream. I would replace the bourbon (in the recipe online) with lemon juice for these cupcakes

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