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Organic Everyday Dal Organic Meals Emergency Meal Food Options Maya Kaimal Everyday Dal Prepping Preppers Bug Out Bag …

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  1. That brand Tasty Bite also has different kinds of flavored or spiced up rice. I have tried it and it's very good. I have not tried any of the Dal though besides what I have sort of made myself. But, if you had one pack of each (the Dal and the Rice) that would be a hardy meal for two people with enough calories and carbs to fill your stomach and keep you with energy. Those are very pricey though. I try and catch them on sale at Sprouts when they are BOGO. Those are great for emergency prep as you showed.

  2. Hi, I want to share this with you and your subscribers. Monday I went to to search for many pounds of pasta to add to my long term food storage.
    This is what I found on the site. I checked it again today. Brand after brand were out of stock.
    I believe we are beginning to see the effects of our American wheat fields and stored wheat grains that were destroyed this spring by massive flooding..
    I am heading to Dollar Tree tomorrow to purchase 12 package each of Columbia Brand 24 oz packages of spaghetti, penne and elbow pasta to add to already stored long term storage.
    Will be stopping by Walmart to see if they have a number of boxes of bow tie pasta. I use it in a lot of one dish meals.
    A deal I discovered today. On Amazon you can buy a 12 pack of Red Feather canned fresh butter for $69.00. This is a very good deal a savings of $30.00 over my last order.. I have known about this product for at least 10 years and have many cans in my long term storage. In fact I am currently using a can.
    I grew up on a large farm and dairy farm, this butter taste just like the butter we made each week. I would highly recommend this product to any prepper.
    Another deal I took advantage of, on Emergency Essentials a Augason Farms 6 pack soup bundle of # 10 cans of the following was on sale today and today only for $71.99. This bundle on there and on Augason Farms site sells for $119.99. That's a savings of $48.00. The bundle includes the following. Chili mix, creamy potato soup mix. , cheesy Broccoli soup mix, creamy chicken favor soup mix, Hearty vegetable beef favor soup mix, and vegetable stew blend.
    Sometimes Dollar Tree will have some of those shelf stable packaged meals. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Save all your jars. If you store plugs food, they need to be protected from rodents. Just shove them into a jar and store. Do this with your matches also.

  4. Another great video AG! Great advise to expand our taste horizons, try new things and add them to the pantry or preps. You always present solid info and challenge us to look outside the box. But you always caution us to try before you buy (a bunch). Thank you. Your most ardent fan in upstate NY. K

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