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  1. I tried the meatballs but they totally fell apart! As I still had half of it, I added an egg for a small quantity of the raw dough kinda thing and shaped it into a hamburger. 1 egg for 2 – 3 hamburguers. Then, I put them into the air frier (I think it would work in the oven, fried or grilled as well). It turned out amaaazing!! Best vegetarian hamburguer ever.

  2. Obviously these are not pure vegetarian dishes based on the ingredients like mushroom, cheese, eggs, grains, avocado, pastas, coconut milk because none of those are vegetables.

  3. I suggest adding some red lentils to the potato curry to get some protein. As a former vegetarian, I hate "vegetarian" dishes that are too carb heavy and don't add in some vegetarian protein sources.

  4. So they all have beans or chickpeas which I can't eat like every other vegetarian recipie and this is why I'm not vegetarian anymore but I still get excited when I see recipes hoping its something I can eat and hopefully with high protein and I'm always disappointed 😂

  5. Well eggs aren't vegetarian maybe it's because many believe being a vegetarian means eating no meat but it not just that. It is not eating animal protein and eggs are "menstrual waste/periods" of chickens so for sure eggs are animal protein from a place I think might disgust you.

  6. I love most of your videos, but… to be real that's not even slightly close to an enchilada, that is the american version of "mexican food" none of those ingredients are correct, apart from the tomato and the cheese. Sorry not sorry :/

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