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Now, omelet was one of the first recipes I have made on this channel and I thought that it was about time to make a new, easier and improved recipe of chickpea …

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  1. Hi Jana, I really enjoy your cooking posts & recipes. I wanted to know if there is a flour that can be substituted for Chick Pea Flour. That flour has a very strong taste in recipes.

  2. So I tried making a quiche out of the chickpea flour. I’m thinking it was just too thick. I loved the outside of it but the inside was just too mushy. Maybe not enough veggies too. Your omelette is packed . I’ll give your recipe a go and see what happens. Thx for sharing with us!

  3. Just now on you-tube, subscribing to your channel, checking out more recipes, when you're Beautiful reply popped up…May your day be Wonder-Ful!!! Same to and for all your viewers!!! May we all be Healthy and Kind to Animals, and all Beings…In Gratitude & Joy…

  4. I just happened to make vegan omelette based on your previous video and so glad to find a new version of this today! I think this new one is easier , cant wait to try!

  5. Wow!! Chef Jana…Thank you ever-so-much for the prompt reply and helpful info.!! You are truly Awesome!! I just became aware of your you-tube videos a few weeks ago…So empowering, healing, nutricious healthy, and fun/joyful…In Gratitude, May you have all that is Good & Wonderful in Mind, Body, & Spirit…

  6. It is really nice to see that you consider that your subscribers are all at different levels when it comes to cooking and dealing with certain ingredients 🙂

    I do have a request. Do you have any idea how it could be possible to veganise the Spanish/Portugese 'Bacalhau' dish ('Bacalau' in English and 'Bacalao/Bakalao'' in Norwegian)? That dish is widely popular in Europe, and especially in Northern European countries that have exported dried cod to Portugal and Spain. The Spanish-style dish (which is a favourite in Norway) is normally prepared with layers of salted and dried cod, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bell-peppers, olive oil and black olives in a casserole, and seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar and sometimes lemon. It would be great to see a video about how you veganize that dish 😀

    Link to Norwegian Bacalao receipes below:

  7. Yummmm! I like to make mini muffins with a similar style recipe. I like assorted bell peppers, a Chile like jalapeño, onion and chopped arugula. Your dishes always look so pretty Chef Jana! I love the simplicity of this.

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