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MY GO-TO CHEAP & EASY VEGAN MEALS | 5 Lazy, Quick & Healthy Recipes

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I made the Mac & Cheese which was delicious, the Chana Masala which was delicious but took longer than I expected, and I am making the Mexican rice tonight!

  2. okay hehe you are so cute with the noodles ???? a tip, when it is still dry, cut it out using scissors so that it will not be that long when its wet and ready to serve.

    I'm asian and we tend to cook that very often. called pancit. ????

  3. You guys are missing out if you don’t use oil and fry your stuff in water. I swear you won‘t regret. I did it for way too many years and I do feel better now.

  4. This video was just as informative as it was meant to be, and it didn't have to be this lovely, but it was – I don't think I've ever enjoyed a vlog type of YouTube video as much as I just enjoyed this one. Bravo ???? And thank you ????????

  5. Ok so im confused, for the mexican rice recipe, did u let the rice cook all the way before u added it to the other stuff? Or was it only halfway cooked? Cuz it looked half cooked but u didnt mention it in the video so idk.

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