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My everyday HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS #cookingwithCEE

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  1. did you ever get tested for SIBO/bacterial over growth? that can cause digestive issues, especially gas and pain with fruits/sugary foods

  2. You know when u find a new youtuber and you’re all about their vibe? You then spend a solid few hours watching ALL their videos? That’s what I’m doing right now!!

  3. always thought chia seed pudding tasted like boogers tbh but now I am excited to re-try them with your recipe! ps why did I just see you uploaded this? cmon youtube!

  4. Hey Chris, have you ever tried blending your eggs for like 10 seconds and then cooked them? Makes them soo fluffy! I’m vegan now but when I used to eat eggs I blended them with a little bit of milk and lemon pepper then cooked them like scrambled eggs

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