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MUST TRY Overripe Banana Recipes (Vegan)

Got over-ripe bananas? I’ve got a recipe! Today I’m sharing 3 vegan recipes that use leftover bananas – classic vegan banana bread, chocolate banana muffins, …

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  1. I made the banana bread and the bananas I used were so black and liquid. The bread turned out really good though!!! I also put in a little cinnamon and honey ❤

  2. OMG MY FAVORITE THINGS IS BANANAS !!!I EVEN HAVE A BANANA PILLOW LOL I will definitely be making some this weekend! thanks so much for sharing the great recipes!! 😉

  3. Love all your recipes. I developed dairy intolerance a few years ago from another medical condition. It has been hard for me to stay away from dairy consistently. Your videos have helped a lot. I will be trying to make the chocolate banana muffins soon.

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