MUST HAVE OIL FREE VEGAN SALAD DRESSING RECIPE » oil free, sugar free, nut free hemp seed ranch

Are you frustrated trying to find an Oil Free and Nut Free Vegan salad dressing at the grocery store? Or do you find yourself at a restaurant or salad bar only to …

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  1. This is a huge hit in our home. My hubby asks for this dressing now and that is huge as he is just working on going plant based and sos free. Thanks for this wonderful recipe! Linda Hardesty

  2. If an Italian heard you say there was parmesan in Italian dressing prepare for war! Parmesan is American, Parmigiano is completely different and Italian.

  3. Can the wine vinegar be replaced with lemon juice or something non-vinegar? Also can you create a plant-based miso dressing oil-free and vinegar free?

  4. I love your little dance upon tasting the dressing! ☺️ I would’ve done the same! I used to love love ranch dressing as a teen and throughout my 20s. I can’t believe there’s one out there that actually makes you dance! 😉 I am definitely trying this 🙏🏽

  5. I mostly use yoghurt to make creamy dressings, either a cocnut milk based one or made from homemade coconut/soy yoghurt. So quick and easy to whip up a nice dressing or dip. I love roasted cashews too for on salads or pasta, a very nice substitute for pine nuts, which are quite pricey (so are cashews, but a lot cheaper than pine nuts, which for some reason are real expensive)… Yum! 😊

  6. I love this recipe so much. Thank you for sharing it. The first few times I made it, my husband went absolutely crazy for the salad I packed as his lunch. A few things that I’ve learned since making it so often is, adding dry mustard powder gave it a completely authentic ranch taste for me. Just added a little kick that was nice. Also, I grind the oatmeal in a coffee grinder to ensure it blends in my standard mixer. I use oat milk because it tends to be creamier and more neutral in flavor than other types of non-dairy milk. Fresh dill. This is my favorite herb. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lastly, I do not like raisins and almost never have any. I used just a touch of pure date nectar for sweetness. As opposed to going through the work of soaking dates in place of the raisins. Thanks again. This is a recipe I will use forever.

  7. I followed this recipe and it was just ok….it was just too sweet for me… time I’ll cut back on the raisins and if that doesn’t work I’ll try a different sweetener. But it met the requirements of being oil free.

  8. I just made this and Oh My Gosh it's delicious. I subbed a date for the raisins and my homemade almond milk for the soy but it's excellent. I'll be making this all the time. Thanks so much!!

  9. Love this dressing! On my second try, I made it less sweet (I'm more into the savory). But your recipes are AWESOME! So nice to find oil free salad dressings for my transition to WFPB! Thank you!

  10. I tried this tonight, I love it!
    I had to substitute the white wine vinegar with rice vinegar; the rolled oats with steel cut oats; the soy milk for oat milk; and the raisins with dates. It still came out fantastic! I put it over some dinosaur kale with chopped tomato and avocado then I drizzled on the dressing and topped with some roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 😋 THANK YOU JILL!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I just made a double batch to see how well it freezes. I used fewer raisins on my second attempt. Also I had cooked oat kernels in my fridge and they work too. Other than that the major flaw of this heavenly concoction is my desire to eat it without the salad… It is soo yummy!

  12. Hi I just made the French dressing recipe . I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I will definitely give this one a try next. Thanks. Can you develop a ground meat whole food replacement some thing that mimics the texture of ground meat . 😊

  13. I've made this twice already! I put it on my salad & it is so good I put it on crackers as a snack. I like that it is creamy, but oil-free (except for the healthy oil in the nuts & seeds). I am glad I had white wine vinegar on hand – it definitely made it tangy & great! I think it would be a good sandwich spread also.

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