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Meat Kreplach Made Easy

It’s time to “Krepl Up”— Yom tov season is upon us and Kreplach are the perfect traditional food to have on your table. Yussi will show you how making kreplach …

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  1. Man, this doesn't come close to what my Grandmother made in Brooklyn in the 1960's. I'll cite three big differences:
    1)She didn't saute anything with olive oil. She used wonderful shmaltz, chicken fat which she stored in coffee cans (before dinner, while you were playing ball on the street, you'd get a quick pick me up from shmaltz drizzled over rye bread,
    2) She did not chop meat up and combine it with onions and mushrooms. Inside she put in eat kreplach bite sized pieces of succulent and soft and unchopped beef that seemed to melt in your mouth.
    3) She did not buy pre prepared wanton skins or any of that junk. She used flour and water and whatever it took to make pasta and she constructed the receptacles for the meat.

  2. This is going to sound absolutely horrible and I apologize in advance. I'm really a nice guy – I swear. ….I wanted to see how to make real Jewish beef kreplach. And I found this video and played it. And I loved it!! And to tell you the truth I'm smitten with the guy too!! Anyways….I'm Jerry and Jewish for my entire 62 years. Growing up my parents (both Jewish) had several Jewish dishes which except for the tongue everything was amazing!!!! My parents were not religious with me and my older sister. My parents definitely followed more with their parents but something definitely got lost when it got down to my sister and me. Oh we had the special meals etc but never went to Temple. Never prayed or followed the Jewish laws. Funny…. I'd told my mother before I got married "don't be surprised if I don't marry a Jewish girl". We just weren't into it. Well in 1982 I married a wonderful good Catholic girl. Nobody asked nobody to convert or anything. All my wife requested is a church wedding and that our kids get baptized. That's all. And I couldn't argue with that. … My Mom died 5 months after we married. And with that was a treasure of lost information and experiences. She died in 1983. My Dad died in 1991. My wife has never stopped me from eating whatever I wanted but it seems that after she died I really lost my zest. Watching you with this brought me home in a way. Thankyou. Jerry.

  3. I grew up on Polish food so when I first tried kreplach in a deli in New York, I loved it. It was like a pierogi on steroids! Great video, and absolutely love the faucet you have by the oven, that is a really neat setup.

  4. You lost me at mushrooms. The title says crepuscular but what are you cooking? That my friend is kreplach! Not by a long shot……..for tradition? Lol
    Please take down this vid…..
    My mom turning over!!!!

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