Meal Prep Chicken Salads – Tasty Lunches for the Week – Recipes by Warren Nash

If you’re looking for meal prep ideas using chicken, then you must try my zesty chicken salad recipe. Great for lunches prepared in advance for the week.

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  1. Would be better to use glass containers that plastic 1 plastic contains toxic 2 plastic can stink to .i use glass miles better unless your taking it to work or some were outside then plastic better due to being light

  2. you did a couple of errors with the chicken. Firstly you didnt flatten it, this causes uneven cooking. You didnt use a thermometer, which could result in dry chicken depending on how warm/cold the chicken was before you stuck it in the oven. You didnt let the chicken rest for 5 minutes after cooking, or you didnt say you did atleast. This lets all the juices from the chicken escape onto your cuttingboard.

    Otherwise great recipie! Gonna be using this!

  3. I love that this video is short and sweet.Too many tutorial videos have way too much info and talking on the begging and throughout with less tutorial. Thank you for this

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