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MASSIVE Weight Loss Meal Prep ????????Meal Ideas & Healthy Recipes + Plant-Based Options

Back with another highly requested video, here’s a massive meal prep video with over 20 meal ideas, snacks, breakfast etc. This video is sponsored by iHerb.

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  1. Lucky me being a vegetarian and having to cook my own, separate meals than what my parents make. I feel bad for the ones that don’t get a change to try these.

  2. I made the salmon that was demonstrated, it was so good it makes me want to just make salmon skin chips LOL. I actually bought all the ingredients in the video and I would have never done that. I don't know what to cook or sometimes don't know how to cook so this really opened up my menu because I want to eat healthier while I'm exercising. Thank you!

  3. Do you have tips for how to eat clean and 1300 calories in a day if you're really picky? I've been trying to eat fruits since I'm not picky about that but then I consume too many carbs so I don't know what to do.

  4. It's hard to eat healthy when ur teen. My dad has 200kgs and my mom 140kgs. They only eat chirps, McDomalds, sandwiches, sweets… I workout everyday, but don't get results becouse of them!😭

  5. What is the best time to wake up if I want to workout at the morning? Also, should I take a shower every morning after I workout and what should I eat before and after the workout? Help me Chloe

  6. watching this made me hungry at 2 am and broke…. that shit is expensiiiiive !! and half the ingredients i dont even think the supermarkets here where i live have them

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