LIGHTER CAESAR SALAD | easy healthy salad recipe

Making a delicious caesar salad is all about having a great caesar dressing recipe. The bright, briny flavor of the caesar salad dressing makes this recipe pop.

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  1. I just made this salad for my Memorial Day Barbecue. I will be honest I did not have time to roast the chickpeas so I added croutons. I did however follow every other part of the recipe including the fennel. It was just delicious fresh, light and yummy. I always have chickpeas in the house so next time I will definitely try that. Thanks for a great recipe that will go in my permanent recipe book.

  2. Wow what an inspiration to clean eating. I’ve been making your recipes these last few weeks!
    My family has been enjoying making and eating the Oat muffins. But this salad is going to be a good lunch!

  3. Please do not add yoghurt to mayonnaise if you are making this salad for others. So many people are lactose intolerant- 11-15% of people in U.K have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant & there are more who have not been diagnosed yet but are suffering. Even tiny amounts of dairy can cause severe symptoms. Leave the dressing seperate. Let people choose a dressing. Dieting friends, lactose intolerant friends will thank you.

  4. I veganized the dressing and made the salad for my family tonight. The steps for preparing this dish were so clear, and everyone loved it!!! Will be making again and again. Thank you!

  5. This presentation is lovely and has definitely inspired me to try your version of a lighter Caesar salad. Thank you I love the part about the anchovies- I had no idea, and adding crisp chickpeas and the added fresh Fennel- I definitely plan on making this!

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