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Lemon Butter Sauce for Fish

The most magical 2 ingredient sauce you’ll ever make!

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  1. I just looked up this recipe just yesterday so I'm 2 years behind but I tried it last night and my son and I loved it!!!!!!!!! I only added garlic, black pepper, and lemon pepper to the sauce along with the browned butter and lemon juice which really made this super duper delicious. I made it with sweet garden peas and yellow rice. Thank you for this recipe.

  2. Made this today was super easy and tasted great. I added some extra spices to the mix and turned out really tasty. Thank you for this super recipe.

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  4. Damn, I found several dory fillets at my fridge last night and decided to make some. After seeing this, I was like, dang all the ingredients are common to be stored in my home… everything seems there.. this is perfect..

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