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Lazy Vegan Breakfast Ideas! {healthy + easy}

Here are 4 super easy to make vegan breakfast ideas! MY PANCAKE RECIPE: Blender I used: …

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  1. Lmao I made the banna toast bread and I think I added to much bannana lmao so kinda scared because one of the bread is covered with the mix and you cant see it , but the other slices are fine but yeah it looks really yummy thoo

  2. Literally the best porridge you will ever have:
    Almond milk more or less spending on what texture you want the more milk you add the creamier and looser it will be.
    Really fine oats, like, when I say fine I mean FINE oats. Again more or less depending on the texture.
    4 white chocolate melts
    Some cinnamon ( optional but recommend)
    In a small bowl add together almond milk, fine oats and white chocolate melts. Mix until it’s smooth.
    Put in the microwave for 1 min on high you might need a little more or less,
    Once you take it out it’s not gonna look really THAT thicccccccc and creamy but you wanna take it out and stir and stir until it gets nice and thiccccccccccccccccccc! Or just thick.
    Top with some apple sauce, cinnamon and a little more white chocolate if you want.
    And THATS literally the best porridge like the THICCCCCEST and creamiest of them all. I ligit have it so much it’s so good! Obviously you can change out different toppings for a different taste and pallet but the secret is lots of milk and SUPER SUPER fine oats. Like so fine that you have to blend them up yourself coz you can’t find anything that fine at your local supermarket 😂 thanks for reading this also if your reading this during the whole corona thing then I hope your staying safe. 💖

  3. I tried that Baked Chocolate Chip Banana bread, but didn't have chia seeds on hand so substituted a flax egg, and it never firmed up in the center, remaining goopy. 😞
    The cherry chocolate smoothie is delish, though.

  4. I clicked because I am sick and this type of sickness I have you have to not eat or drink things like milk and yogurt and cheese and I needed to eat breakfast thanks!

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