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Khad Cooking Meat Underground खड पिंडा | Ep1. Kumaoni Uttarakhand Recipes | Kunal Kapur Pahadi Khana

Watch me as I cook a leg of mutton inside the ground. The meat is marinated with local #Kumaoni ingredients like bhang ke beej, wrapped in leaves, buried in a …

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  1. Hello chef…I m ur fresh subscriber…. Ek dish hoti h jiska naam # bhat k dhupke h…aap kbhi usko try Krna ye dish best h…or main umeed krta ho is pe ek video jror bnaye…ye dish kumaon region me bhut famous h….

  2. کھڈ ککنگ : مٹی کے برتن میں آپ نے میرینیشن کی اسی میں پکاتے تو زیادہ اچھا پکتا , گوشت کچا ھے, بوری اور پتے سے زائقہ خراب ہوا ہے-

  3. Chef there is no smoke without fire…
    You need to fire up the wood sticks ,BEFORE the ghee dropped on it will yield a good amount of smoke to give the smoke- flavor …of earth and mountains.. in this beautiful piece of meat.

  4. It’s difficult to tell who’s teaching whom.. whether Chef Kunal learn the recipe and preparation or he’s sharing his recipe with the Kumaonis of Uttarakhand.

  5. भाई इसे पहाड़ी लेमन नई बोलते क्योँ नाम ख़राब कर रहे हो यार इसे चूख बोलते हैं || पहाड़ो का सत्यानाश तो न करो ||

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