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LEARN HOW TO MAKE AN EASY JAPANESE CURRY UDON RECIPE FROM SCRATCH! LAY HO MA!! There’s nothing more delightful that having a warm bowl …

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  1. LAY HO MA!! I hope you're keeping well and I hope you enjoyed the recipe on today's curry-culum hehe… What do you think of Mishima, Japan and what do you think about that crazy cool Skybridge?

  2. I don’t usually comment on recipes I try from YouTube but I tried this one and am astounded at the depth of flavour. I made it and plans changed so didn’t eat it until the next day. It may look like an indian curry but it’s not. It is easily as good as if not better than my local Japanese restaurant. I’m off to try making the chilli oil now. Thank you Wil and a Happy New Year to all!

  3. I noted that you cut your veggies into wedges. I have been using this method of cutting up uneven size veggies after I saw it on a cooking show 30 years ago. (No YouTube back then!). I believe the chef called it the "Chinese cut". But I have never seen anyone use it since then, until your video.

  4. I just made this! But swapped the veggie broth for dashi and added more sweet potatoes and carrots. The resulting curry was VERY sweet! I added some tomato paste to balance out the sweetness. Next time if I were to make this, I'd use less sweet potato and add more normal potatoes instead since sweet curries aren't really to my taste.

  5. Would love to try this recipe! 🙂 I dont have the sweet potatos but i will replace them with the version i can find in eu,also would skip the noodles,too thick,will see what i can find,thinner rice noodles 😀 😀

  6. Looks like an indian curry except for the soy….( i’m an indian ) i have all the powder except all spice pwd will definitely try this. By the way the music so soothing.💤💤

  7. I’ve been there! I’ve been there! I was a foreign exchange student and lived only two hours away in Nishikamata! Oh, how I miss the beautiful country and people of Japan! I LOVED IT THERE! 😀🙏❤️

  8. Well that's Wednesday night's dinner sorted. Going to mum's where I'd be lucky to get potatoes and green beans! Wil, nowhere in the whole of my house is ever as tidy or organised as your cupboards, especially my kitchen cupboards! 😉

  9. You have the most beautiful, wonderfully organized spice cabinet ever !!! Who makes those containers you use – – you should open your cabinet every YT & they should be sponsoring your presentations too !!!

  10. I just could not understand the spoon of something add up to the mixture the pronunciation was so bad for those condiments. I was able to understand the rest. He speaks too fast and rushing.

  11. Ohh, I'm so excited to try this! I make a lot of boxed Japanese curry to freeze for meal prep, it's one of my favourites, but I love the thought of making it from scratch!

  12. Help- spice mix calls for coriander- it looks like dried cilantro, is this correct? Or is it Course crushed coriander seeds?

    Silly question I know- it just looks different then what I have in my pantry 😃 PUMPED to make tho!

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