Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake – Three Ingredient Dessert – Pot in Pot Recipe

I am FINALLY making a dessert! Don’t worry, the cheesecake will be coming soon – but for now, this apple dump cake will have to do! This recipe is one of those …

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  1. I have perfected this recipe by putting the cook time as one hour. All my friends love it and ask me to bring it to parties all the time. I make peach and cherry too.

  2. Hi! I really like the channel and all the recipes so far I’ve used for my new instant pot duo, but I had a problem when I tried to make this recipe. At ~1:12 in the video you mention you can use a glass bowl to substitute the metal pan if you don’t have one on hand, so I used my glass bowl, and it ended up shattering in the pot ☹️ definitely won’t make that same mistake again.

  3. I just made this in my 3 Quart mini dual instant pot using a ekovana 3qt Mini Stackable Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Steamer Insert Pans with sling handle – compatible with Instant Pot Accessories 3 quart – two interchangeable lids. I used the taller of the two pans with a Pressure Cooker Sling Goldlion Silicone Bakeware Lifter Accessories for Instant Pot 3 Qt, Compatible with Other Brand Multi-Function Cookers, Red. It turned out great!

  4. Well i screwed this up i didn't have the Internet and I mixed up the cake batter it's cooking now we will see how it comes out. I think I was thinking of the chocolate dump cake

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