I Love My Girlfriends Virtual Party | Quick & Easy Appetizer Ideas | Kenya's Decor Corner

I Love My Girlfriends Virtual Progressive Party, How To Prepare for Guests, How To Host Guest, Easy Appetizer Ideas, How Style a Buffet, Kenya’s Decor Corner, …

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  1. Hey Hey My Family! I hope you all enjoyed this video! It was a lot of fun participating in this virtual party! This is a great way to spend time with your friends while social distancing! Let me know if you have come up with some creative ways to social distance!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much Love & Many Blessings!❤🙏❤

  2. Hi Kenya,
    Girl!!!! I just finished viewing all your gorgeous sisters Virtual Party!!! I'm absolutely so very proud !!! Oh the elegance, style, and class of each of these sisters are absolutely beautifully, magicial and moments that can entice anyone to have the desire to just walk through the tv screen to just sit, relax and enjoy pure hospitality and great food, desserts, and cocktails. I salute YOU and JUANI for hosting such a beautiful event. Love and blessings.

  3. I love cucumber sandwiches! I used to joke that your not successful until you're invited to an event with cucumber sandwiches!😂

  4. Play cucumber sandwiches and I love them and I also like the way you had your spread from your friend Ella Bransford back in your everything was beautiful and thank you for the invite.

  5. Kenya that smile of yours is so genuine & welcoming. I’ve never had cucumber sandwiches but they look delish, I’m going to try them, your cherry & tomatoes 🍅 are divine. Your presentation is simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  6. So lovely ❤️I’ve heard of cucumber sandwiches but never tried them. Yours look very delicious & I will definitely try your recipe!! Thank you for sharing ✨✨

  7. You look so pretty all dressed up 😍 Everything looks so delicious 😋 Love that you gathered the veggies from your garden! Cucumber sandwiches are yummy and refreshing! Cute invitation at the end 🤩

  8. Opening the door to your guests brought back some memories. LoL…I was just reminded of the days when we had cyber events when AOL was at 1.0. Back then, we had cyber weddings, cyber sets (where the .wav guy was the deejay), cyber high teas and cyber graduations. We had a ball and even now, 20 years later, we still get together in person every now and then to celebrate loving each other and talking about the fun times we had. <Shout out to EbonyOver30>.

  9. Hi teammate
    I love it
    Thank you for inviting me
    To the party
    I love the salad
    I love the lemonade
    I will try your recipe for
    Cucumber sandwiches
    I see you dressed for the occasion
    Ready for the party

  10. This is now on my to-try list! The dill was a nice addition! I have sooooooo many seasonings. It's great to find uses for them. Good job as always! <Sending hugs from Chicago>. The container garden is developing nicely! You Go Gurlllll/You Rock!

  11. Looks yummy 😋 I used to make cucumber sandwich’s all the time but with cocktail rye bread squares. I’m going to have to try the way you made them. It looked so much easier 😊 The lemon decor looks fabulous 😍

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