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How to pan fry steak – BBC – BBC Food

Chef Barney Desmazery runs through the best way to cook sirloin steak medium rare. For more simple, easy to follow cookery clips visit …

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  1. I have some opinions on this recipe.
    First, you’d better use cast iron pan or stainless steel pan. Using no stick pan on high heat will destroy the pan easily.
    Second, why do you put oil the steak? It will prevent the heat from the pan quickly conduct to the steak, which is not what we want.
    Third, put the fat side on the pan first to render the fat so that it get crispy.
    Fourth, don’t move the steak once before flipping the steak. OK

  2. i never use oil to pan fry steak because it has a fairly low burning point. i tend to use lard, because even if it burns a little it still has nice flavour. and i also like my steaks thicker, about 1-1.5 inches thick, so i can put more salt on the surface and give it a much crunchier surface while the middle stays medium

  3. You dumbass meatcake33, the guy says three mins on each side and it's not over cooked for medium rare. The BBC is one of the best and most renown in the business for cooking programmes. This video is an exellent example of how to cook a beautiful steak!

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