How to make Israeli salad

Get the full recipe here: and find out why this chopped salad is a staple in the Middle East. Producer & Director: …

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  1. I have a much better and easier idea for you. Simply take this Palestinian salad as it is, and replace "Palestinian" with "Israeli" salad and done! I mean you already stole the land and the cuisine, might as well get some Arab salad while you're at it 🙂

  2. O wow , infact this is an old very old iranian salad recipe which name is shirazi salad .its root goes back to shiraz city wich is the third big city of iran for decads…

  3. This is a wonderful salad. It reminds me of my Lebanese step grandmother's salad dressing. Oh yum. Please don't go hating on this due to the clash of cultures. TY. Let's stay focused on beautiful food.

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