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How to make Disinfectant Spray at Home using C.D.C & W.H.O Methods, Easy Steps, DIY, Corona Virus

Get the Ingredient list, step-by-step written, printable and Mobile ready “Disinfectant Spray” recipe with measurements on my website: Ingredients Method 1) • 75 …

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  1. I don't know about all that, but the cleaning woman that cleans our office was spraying some kind of aerosol around made my eyes burn, and made me cough.I asked her what she
    sprayed and she said Air de Fresh. Whatever the hell that is. She don't speakee da english too good anyway.

  2. Awesome video, I have one question, what would be the shelf life all the final product?, And cany any thing added to it to make it smell better? As I have allergies of strong smell be it perfume, deo, or smoke, I imagine isopropyl would also have strong smell

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  5. Don't use any method which includes alcohol bcz it damages Dendritic cells of our body. The Dendritic cells is about 95% of our immunity, & it founds mostly just below or skin. Alcohol damages Dendritic cells, & thus our body can't fight any viruses. It's proof you can search.

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