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How To Make Crispy Honey Chilli Beef | Marion's Kitchen

Crispy honey chilli beef is one of those Chinese beef recipes that you’ll be coming back to time and again. The sticky, glossy sauce…and that crispy coating on …

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  1. Hi Marion, can you tell me a substitute for Chinese cooking wine as I don't drink alcohol. Can this be omitted completely? BTW love all your recipes, I'm obsessed!!

  2. Made this dish tonight. It was easy and quick to make – and it turned out exactly as shown in the video. Delicious and can’t wait to make it again!

  3. Did it today, exactly how your recipe says. Same amount of everything, just a copy.
    Result? Everything except meat was too sweet, too salty. Just couldn't eat even a half of my serving.
    I was excited to find this after tasting "Crispy beef in red sauce" in one restaurant but it's not even close. :/

  4. Cannot wait to bore my hubby with another one of your fabulous recipes..
    The English man gets fed up with my obsession for Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese food!

  5. I made this last week, wow, it is so delicious. Marion is right about having small pieces of meat. I was worried they would be dry being so small but they really are a luxurious burst of flavour in your mouth. I served this with a side of stir fried brocolli and cauliflower. Would love to serve it for guests when quarantine is over, its that kind of dish πŸ™‚

  6. I love crispy chilli beef. My absolute favourite. I still remember the day I first had it. Blew my mind. I was in magaluf last year and went to a reallly nice Chinese restaurant there and their crispy beef was really long pieces and it was heaven.

  7. Thank you Marion! I made this dish for six people tonight and everyone gave it a perfect score. I made it exactly as you did only I used venison. Killer, awesome, fantastic, love it!

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