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How to Make Avocado Toast 10 WAYS!

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  1. Toast your bread, I like potato bread.
    1 whole avocado mashed with salt, Meyer lemon, and oil to blend.
    Top that with crab (canned works fine)
    Little bit of sriracha
    Very good flavor profile 😋

  2. My random avocado toast which tasted AMAZING!!: -Chiatoast, chia bread, some kind of protein bread. -half Avocado – chili Tzaziki. -mini cucumber. -Pepper, Salt, Rosmarin. -lin seed and chia seeds !!!!! Trust me this is amazing

  3. This is. Completely off topic but you just look absolutely amazing and gorgeous I looove your hair those brows??? You are goals 🥰

  4. How I do avocado toast:
    Take a slice of sourdough bread, cut it in half and toast it.
    Then, while it’s in the toaster, grab olive oil out of your pantry, grab your avocado, and some salt, and this lemony spice I love called tajin. (Idk how to spell it. 😂)
    When your toast is done, pour some olive oil on, spread the avocado on, and sprinkle on some salt and tajin.
    I promise you it’s delicious. Very simple, but delicious.

  5. I toasted bread and spread on some Country Crock butter and then spread on avocado. The toast was pretty good. Next time I may add a boiled egg or maybe a poached egg. I like the toast that you added the feta cheese on.

  6. We were looking for what to do with our ripened avocados. Thank you for these brilliant ideas. Now, we can salvage the avocados and prep something good and healthy for our mom as well.
    Sending love from the Philippines. ❤

  7. The first two are just not my cup of tea but the rest look mouth watering! I just don’t like fruits in my savory foods. Well, avocado is TECHNICALLY a fruit but you know what I mean. Actually Kylie Jenner’s one doesn’t look all that good either. I’m all about the street corn, sushi, and margharita. Love the Everything Bagel one too! The Mediterranean looks AMAZING!!

  8. I loved the Sushi & the Kylie! Be trying both! Love love addicted to avacado toast.
    My recipe simply take whole wheat gluten free bread,mix mashed up avacado Es w fresh lemon juice …then add freshly cut chives.
    My tummy has IBS I cannot tolerate onions nor garlic,though love them,
    Plus if someone's cooking with them I lose it!!!
    Love your channel.
    You seem so devoted to health but not fake"
    Meaning oh now I'm doing the Keto diet guys & like,promoting ,EDS.
    Thanks for being a real" person!!!
    YT is in need of more of ppl such as you!!!

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