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How to make a Chinese delicious mushroom meal? 甚于肉味的治愈美食,带些雨露的清甜——鸡枞菌|Liziqi channel

Liziqi channel A healthy gourmet that better than meat, with the sweetness of refreshing dew——Collybia albuminosa 大暴雨之后就正式入伏,就是是吃鸡枞菌的 …

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  1. 大家好,这里是李子柒海外YouTube发行官方授权的频道,谢谢大家对频道以及子柒的喜爱和支持哦,我们会及时将最精彩的内容推送给大家,也希望大家能继续喜欢和支持李子柒及官方频道,分享给身边的朋友,把这份田园意境生活分享给大家,将我们优秀的中国传统文化分享给国外友人。谢谢大家哦,我们继续努力加油~

  2. Her countryside is not only gorgeous but also peaceful. There are many things look simple but its is pretty meaningful in reality, they are beauty that to be find nowhere without countryside

  3. Interesting difference. I lived in Siberia, it's normal to pick mushrooms in the forest there, I went with my parents every fall. As kids we were always taught to be careful with mushrooms' roots. We'd normally cut the mushroom off way above the ground. It's so ingrained in my brain that seeing her digging the mushroom out so completely is baffling. I wonder now, does it actually matter how do you pick up mushrooms?.. >_>

  4. If it was me, I would have poisoned myself already by picking the wrong mushroom.
    If it was me, forget about dinner because I will be lost after going up and down those slippery paths ahahaha Forget dinner, I would become dinner

  5. Frankly I just watch her video before I goto sleep the feeling Its just like I'm in the most beautiful place those fruits vegetables ect. Thank you for making me feel this way and may you have a good health as always to you and to your Grandma as will????????????????????????

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