How to Make a Basic Chicken Salad | Salad Recipe |

Get the recipe @ Sometimes basic is best! Watch how to make a super-simple, sensational chicken …

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  1. im 55 i never had chicken salad in my life untill 7 months ago i get it from a deli at the supermarket by my house they put celery in it and soemthign else wow it so delicious im hooked and the best thing about it they only use white meat of the chicken its the best food in the deli dept

  2. "quick healthy lunch or snack."

    LMAO! Are you like, trying to low-key get us fat? There is literally nothing HEALTHY about this! xDDD

    one cup of mayo has 1440 CALORIES, and 160 grams of fat!

    so when you use about one fourth of that batch of chicken salad to put on a sandwich, assuming you eat the entire sandwich, you just consumed YOUR ENTIRE DAY'S WORTH OF FAT! And I know no full grown adult can be sufficiently fed for an entire day from one measly sandwich.

  3. Almonds? No bueno… Instead try 1/2 red onion chopped fine, and when I say fine I mean waaaay finer than they chopped the celery- while you're at it chop your celery finer too. Add 1/2 tsp of Dijon mustard & 1/2 tsp spicy brown mustard w/ that half cup mayo & lemon juice..

  4. I (man of the house) bought a bunch or broasted chicken at the supermarket and hardly anyone ate it….too busy buying fast food…yuck…so I decided to make chicken salad out of it (first time ever). I took all the meat off the bones of mostly breasts and drumsticks, but I used a food processor on pulse for about 15 seconds….looked like mashed tuna. Put it in my brand new Kitchen aid mixer and added celery, relish, onion and spices which i lightly pulsed as well. Added about a cup of mayo and about 2 TBS mustard. Mixed on low for about 30 seconds. Everyone loved it…..I hate tossing perfectly good food out.

  5. my husband doesnt like veggies so instead i tried chopped apples n heats it better i personally don't like almonds tho.. so what i just do is just chicken mayo n apples it still tastes great

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