How To Make 12 Desserts In One Pan • Tasty

Upgrade your dessert game with the brownie pan to RULE THEM ALL. Find it at your local Walmart or click here: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Ok this looks amazing…. Now at what temp should the oven be and how many minutes. I like when at the end you can look up the recipe and actually make it.

  2. I'd have to whip up a batch of alll of these components only to end up using 2 table spoons at the end

    I THINK NOT!!!
    Also, wasting food and money is such an american thing

  3. This is just them trying to sell there veiwers a pointless square cupcake pan rather than make a video that isn't a waist of time. Not to mention if You're only going to make that little of each, that's too much work and mess.

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