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How to Grow Organic Goji Berries

Learn how to grow organic goji berry plants (part #1 of 2), this nutrient-rich, easy plant is perfect for growing in your own backyard! People in Asia have been …

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  1. Wow, I have hit the jack pot when I found your channel…have been binge watching! Have Gogi Berry Seeds from Baker Creek…but will certainly check out where you ordered your bush.

  2. yay for permaculture!! glad to see y'all get yet another step closer to the homestead of your dreams!! looking forward to seeing the harvesting videos in the years to come. God bless!

  3. I got one plant and planted in the pot. They are invasive and I got baby plants grew next to the pot on their own. I prune in the fall and save the cuttings and I have countless goji plants.

  4. Hey there Hollis & Nancy… I know that whatever your hands touch will prosper! I think that I need to try using 'fish' in my small garden as well, maybe it will also detour my 'mole' issues (perhaps)… You fish & lime technique seems to work for you wonderfully; It should work for me too !! Where's Bing-Bing, He's Such A Cutie!! <3 🙂 <3

  5. :14 Are those peppers hot? They look fantastic. Love spicy food, it keeps the flu bug away.
    Hollis You can scratch the Goji berries off the honey do list.🤠Ha Ha

  6. I planted 25 of the Gojis about four years ago. Not sure how they will do in Florida. I am in zone 5b and it drops down sometimes to Minus 25 in the winter here. They grow VERY fast! The berries are SO tedious to pick because they are so tiny. I am not crazy about the flavor fresh. But dehydrating them at live food temp of 105 degrees – then vacuum sealing in a mason jar seems like the best way to preserve them. If you freeze them, they're ok in winter smoothie! The chickens LOVE them and will hop up and down like springs to pick them. Hysterically funny to watch. God Bless.

  7. As always impressed with your planning and quality of the presentation…did not know about goji berries but now I do , thanks for sharing this unusual plant with us!

  8. Would love for you to consider omitting the music. I certainly don't mind the natural "living" sounds where you have been sticking the music in. Thank you. I haven't subscribed because the music is so jarring.

  9. Great timing on this video… I was just about to order a coupe of goji berry plants! Vitamins, yes, plus they are one of the only “complete proteins” found in the plant world. So good for you! Thank you for the great video.

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