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HOW TO COOK TEMPEH & the secret to making it taste good + recipes!

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  1. I bought tempeh the other day and need some ideas for how to cook it. I’m glad I found this video. I’m excited to try out the last recipe

  2. Thank you for doing this video! I'm one that can't do the processed soy. Yet, tempeh has never been my favorite. But I need the protein. Now, that you gave these recipes, it is very do-able. I now know how to flavor it. I tried the first one and the last recipe. It was great! Thanks is so much for sharing these great ideas! By the way where did you get that brand from?

  3. Please don’t say “how to make tempeh good”. It’s very disrespectful to those individuals from Indonesia, like myself who grew up eating Tempeh with just a bit of salt and frying it. Tempeh is “good” as is to us. If you want to share a food not of your own culture, just say, “this is how I make tempeh”. Not “how to make tempeh good”.

  4. Question: why do vegan cooks almost always use tamari instead of regular soy sauce? Is there something non-vegan about the inclusion of wheat in regular soy sauce?

  5. Since we have been hunkered down for the coronavirus we are eating very little meat products and eating healthy foods instead. We purchased Tempeh along with a tofurkey and with this great 👍 video will boil our Tempeh for ten minutes and barbecue it.

  6. i cover in BBQ sauce fry it then straight in high protein bread with tomato vegan cheese pickles and sauce, fkn amazing and about 60g of protein

  7. it's a Tempe not Tempeh ..without "H" I don't know why people keep saying tempeh all the time…when the original name is Tempe …
    Nice recipes …thanks for sharing 😊

  8. Takamine Jōkichi
    "Takamine continued to work for the department of agriculture and commerce until 1887. He then founded the Tokyo Artificial Fertilizer Company, where he later isolated the enzyme takadiastase, an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of starch. Takamine developed his diastase from koji, a fungus used in the manufacture of soy sauce and miso. Its Latin name is Aspergillus oryzae, and it is a "designated national fungus" (kokkin) in Japan."
    "Many of the beautiful cherry blossom trees in the West Potomac Park surrounding the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC were donated by the mayor of Tokyo (Yukio Ozaki) and Jokichi Takamine in 1912."

  9. if u want to really know how to make delicious tempe u can come to indonesia,
    alot of variation tempe cooking,
    most common is
    -boiled it and put indonesian sauce(we call the sauce is sambal) its call tempeh pecak
    -fried tempeh

  10. I hope this turns out good for me I made it for the first time a few days ago and it was dry and didn’t taste too good lol but I still have another pack I’m going too try and bake it

  11. You can eat it right out of the package. I do not know why this rumor persists. I've been eating it like that in salads for a decade. Soybeans are already cooked before the tempeh is made. Uncooked tempeh tastes of glutamate, the same stuff that makes MSG MSG, or makes seaweed seaweed, or makes nooch nooch. Or the savory aspect of a quality tomato. When you cook tempeh (big fan of steaming it if you're going to do that), and, inevitably, season it, you basically destroy its natural flavor. Which is fine; it's still quality protein and we're not talking about some kind of sublime delicacy, but the vaguely nutty aspect of "uncooked" tempeh is quite pleasant.

    The information online about cooking it is wrong and I suspect people google this and keep spreading it like a meme of sorts.

    The main reason to cook tempeh is you don't like the taste of tempeh.

  12. Great video. Clear, easy recipes. I have to simmer my slabs (cut in half to create two thinner slabs, flipping halfway through) for twenty minutes. Otherwise, still too bitter for me.

  13. This food is a staple in my country, usualy for the poor because beef is extremely expensive here, glad you like our simple food. i love to fried them like a chicken eat it while warm so crispy and delicious

  14. oh wow…just bought some tempeh for the first time because it's fermented & loaded with protein…so glad I clicked onto your video…such good info and the recipes look really yummy…looks like I'm gonna be a tempeh fan…thanks so much for the information…nice video too without crap music and someone trying to be cool….cheers…

  15. Amazing video! I have a pack in the fridge and i wasnt sure what to do with it, but now i cant wait to cook it, ive never tried it before and im excited to work with it, thanks girl!😘

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