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How to Cook Perfect Beef Stir Fry Every Time

Master Chef John Zhang shows you tips on making tender beef stir fry with simple step by step instructions. Subscribe for more awesome Chinese recipes: …

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  1. Fair enough. But how do you do this on an induction hob? You can't. The wok doesn't get hot enough so you end up boiling the meat rather than searing. Plus what this video doesn't show is he has the convenience of just dumping all that water off to the side where it drains away. I would love to see a video showing a good stir fry method using domestic equipment.

  2. Eh tried it almost exactly and used a nice Angus sirloin. I think the egg n cornstarch ruined it. The egg made the steak soggy. I think in between takes the chef slipped in some msg bc mine didn't have that shiny look.

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