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How to Cook Perfect Barley

Barley has been cultivated for over 10000 years, yet cooking this delicious cereal grain is still a challenge for many. While it is great for making beer, barley is so …

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  1. Very short and to the point which was appreciated. Watching with my son who is trying to cook to pass the time. Was very uncomfortable when you used the F bomb. Could've been left out or cut out and it would be great.

  2. All they had at the store was Roasted Barley, so when I was ready to cook it, Ivfound on the back that it was for TEA! Can I cook it and eat this kind?

  3. In the Middle East, they prepare Barley as a sweet dessert dish. It looks like rice pudding with the herb Anise and "rose water" or sometimes "orange blossom water." …. The final product is incredibly yummy. It is whiter/greyer than what you showed here. Have you ever heard of this or know on how to prepare it.

  4. Ok so I bought some barley by accident at bulk barn because the label was mixed up with steel cut oats and I have BEEN trying to eat it as oatmeal this whole time and nowmi feel quite silly 😂😂😅

  5. Thank you!! I need some advice if you don't mind though. I just got one of those instapots or quick cookers. I want to make a beef/barley stew with sweet potatoes in it. Is it possible to cook them together in the pot or will some things come out underdone and other things be way overcooked? Should I cook the barley separately, and if so, how do I know when it is done enough to add to a stew or soup? I don't want to to have it turn into mush in the soup (which HAS happened to me last time I was ambitious enough to try to cook dry pearl barley, lol) Thank you in advance!! ANY help is appreciated!! XOXO

  6. I followed your idea for cooking perfect barley – first I purchased some perfect barley then I rinsed to with some perfect water then put in in a perfect pan and applied some perfect heat then I put it on a perfect plate and using a perfect fork ingested the perfect barley and wound up with a perfect stomach ache – you will get my perfect bill.

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