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How To Cook On & Season A Stainless Steel Pan To Create A Non Stick Surface

Learn how to cook on and season your stainless steel pain so you have a naturally occurring non stick pan. Visit us at and join …

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  1. Ok, you have to look up with your right eye. Look left with your left eye. Point backwards with your left hand while simultaneously tapping the skillet on the stove four times with your right hand. I do this while chanting the Chinese Wok prayer. It works every time.

  2. I thought it worked was happy after cooking pork chops. I made some eggs and bacon and everything stuck to the bottom and took longer to cook. Not sure what I did wrong but hey thats life.

  3. Oh, is the flame on low? Best results of non-stick coating come from using onion or lard (animal fat works, too, since you're turning it into lard in the process), but any cooking oil works well, and from when you keep heating the pan even after the oil has smoked. Oak pans often become non-stick after the first use, and that's because they get much hotter than most kitchen stoves get.I would recommend either using a rocket stove or a dakota-fireplace, with either a hair dryer or a leaf blower, to get enough heat onto the pan to quickly get the nonstick layer, if you cannot get a 15-minutes access to a stove powerful enough for quick-frying in a wok. Companies use flax seed oil to make their pans non-stick because it's cheaper than onion juice.

  4. Ok not sure what I did wrong. Maybe it was the pan was too hot, or I used the wrong oil (I used avocado) but when I put the oil in the pan it turned dark almost instantly and filled my whole house with smoke. Need to buy stainless steal cleaner and try it again.

  5. I was watching your YouTube on seasoning the cast-iron and it seems as though you’re saying to just do it once. According to “Cast Iron Cooking” channel you’re supposed to let it cool and repeat six times with a high heat oil like coconut oil or avocado oil. He is an ex cook and describes in his YouTube the best way to season. He agrees with what you said about not using soap and water to clean the pan. You are to treat it like a cast iron pan and just wipe it out with some oil with a paper towel. I just thought I would share this for your information and your viewers. I haven’t tried it yet. I just got my first set of all clad frying pans and I’m about to try it 🙂

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