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How to cook easy Lamb Curry | Naan Gosht | Indian Cooking Recipes | Cook with Anisa

Easy Lamb Curry is todays video and guys I promise, whoever you make this for will love forever! Lamb Curry which is also known as Naan Gosht is a very …

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  1. What I did is combine chopped fresh Roma tomatoes, hot green chili peppers, garlic, and blanched almonds (or dried coconut) and put them in the blender until you have a liquid. Then I take my lamb and marinade it in the spices along with mustard oil. Lastly I sauté the spiced lamb with onions before adding the blended tomato, pepper and nut mixture. Cook for 1 hour and serve with basmati rice. Optionally, add some fresh cream at the end to make a cream based curry.

    Not sure if it is authentic but always turns out great. My spice mixture consists of garam Marsala, whole cumin seed, Indian chili powder, turmeric, ground coriander powder, curry Marsala powder for mutton, and star anise.

  2. Just made this – it hums…. I fried the onions etc in ghee and added a little cream at the end. other than that, just a little fenugreek leaves , oh and a vegetable stock gel thing instead of salt. And for the meat I just chopped up a single lamb steak – small pieces (my wife doesn't like meat). Very nice!

  3. Hi Anisa very simple and lovely version, thank you. I tweaked mine by adding in bell peppers, fresh garlic, carrots, mushrooms along with fresh rosemary, mint and thyme. Instead of the fried potatoes I added chopped uncooked potatoes during the cooking process, after the liquid had been added. My liquid includes red wine! Sometimes I add in a beef stock pot but not on this occasion. The first time I did your version it came out lovely along with my twist. The second time I put too much cardamom pods and the cinnamon was bitter, I put it in later of the cooking process! Today is my third time and so far looking and tasting good as it’s cooking. One other thing I have done is skimmed off any oil during the cooking process so it’s not too oily. Thanks again Anisa for your bubbly self helping me along.

  4. A few questions ,
    1.whole cumin is that seeds ?

    2.Are you using both whole cumin and cumin powder in this recipe ?
    3. Why the need for both chopped tomatoes and tomato paste ?

    4.Are you using both corriander powder and fresh corriander ?
    5.Does the ginger paste and garlic paste have to be made or can I find it in the supermarket ?
    6.What is the difference between the chopped tomatoes and the 2 whole tomatoes ?

  5. Ive been looking at recipes on youtube for curries and none so far has rivaled my curry atm(which is good for me). My curry recipe is a secret family recipe past down to me but I have perfected the recipe over time and have many people offered to buy the dish and even buy the recipe but I have rejected their offers for my recipe. Im not going to reveal my recipe as Iam selling the dishes for money in Australia. Iam of fijian decent and Ive tasted alot of curries in up bringing. If you live in Melbourne and want the best curry in the world please dm me and I can arrange for you to try it.

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