Vegan Recipes

High Protein Vegan Recipes

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  2. Your boyfriend is the luckiest guy in the world. Keep being an inspiration to make quick, easy, and delicious vegan meals. I love how simple you make it, and your presentation of the food is always on point. You are an amazing being.

  3. Society’s socialization of men into entitled babies is on clear display in that moment when your bf thought you were gonna feed him. I’ve seen/lived this for so long and it is getting real old. Good job with the recipes Liv!

  4. need to try the tofu and chickpea 'tuna' ive had the chickpea 'tuna' rom a egan plasce but might try at home,never knew it was that easy hahah x

  5. I made that chickpea salad yesterday and it’s soooo good. I can’t stop myself from eating it 🤤
    Also, I made the vegan mayo myself because all the vegan mayo brands in Germany suck, they taste like cardboard to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. hey liv!
    just wondering if you're still having a promo code , because this one is not working anymore
    btw: love watching your videos, you're such a sweetheart xx

  7. Ok, I sure love the recipes but… What mascara did you have on in this vid?!! Your eyes look even more beautiful than usual and the lashes are fuller, longer, blacker and every other "-er" possible ;D

  8. Hi Liv! I've been with you since the start of my vegetarian journey and now I'm finally incorporating more vegan products into my diet (took long enough!!). I never realized how simple it is and I've actually found that a lot of frozen vegan products are better than the vegetarian ones. Vegan cheese isn't bad either! Your recipes have helped me a lot and I hope to be able to say with confidence that I'm 100% vegan soon ^^ need to find a few good vegan recipes and it won't be difficult at all to make the switch. Thanks again for your videos and all the help you provide for those of us who can't cook <3

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