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HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

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  1. But where do you get your protein? I'm answering that question in today's recipe video! Each recipe is linked in the description so check it out! ALSO this video is not to tell you that you should be counting the amount of protein you're eating, or measuring anything out, this was purely done for your information to show how much protein you CAN get from plants. ALSO before I receive another comment about soy being too high in estrogen for men IT IS A MYTH! Soy has PHYTOestrogens which is different from estrogen and affects us differently (we aren’t plants). You should be more concerned with the actual estrogen in animal products, because manboobs are much more likely to be a result of overeating diary than soy.

  2. Im not vegan and i m not considering being one but i mostly eat plants based meals and i just love it i feel so good my mood is good my stomach is good, and I was looking for new recipes to try and yours look fabulous I'll absolutely give it a try

  3. Do you eat the same food in grams as shown in your recipe or do you eat half your grams as I tired to cook your recipe but it is too much for one person

  4. Animals have an other metabolism. E.g. cows can produce their amino acids out of their food. It's not good to compare animals which eat vegan with animals which eat everything (humans)
    I eat vegan too, that's not the point. But I would be careful with this reasoning.

    (sorry for my bad english)

  5. My main concerns are: 1) the cost of all those ingredients (organic: richer in nutrients), 2) quinoa, avogado, indian spices… are imported from the other side of the planet: large footprint if we all import our ingredients from that far to make up for what was in meat products diet, 3) not all of us have the time or other resources to prepare that much. You seem to live in a fully-equipped flat with all kinds of electrodomestics and tools. Since I am relatively poor, it is not feasable for me, but I won't give up: study an alternative range of vegan meals, more financially and environmentally sustainable before I move onto veganism.

  6. Hi, have you considered this diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My buddy says it helps people lost crazy amounts of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed many excellent review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  7. The argumentation that cows and gorillas have no problem of getting the protein and therefor the humans can do the same is simply wrong. Gorillas and cows have enzymes that convert carbohydrates from grass and bananas into protein. Humans unfortunatly don't have them. Anyhow, the recipes are great 🙂

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