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HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEAL PREP | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

NEW HIGH PROTEIN MEAL PREP – written ingredient list …

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  1. Where should I store the prepared meal in the refrigerator? the freezer section or the fridge? And do I microwave the meal when I eat? the heat won't destroy the nutrients? I'd appreciate it if someone can answer for me.

  2. BRAKE………FAST IS IS IS NOT NOT NOT THE most important meal of the day YOU ARE PEDALING OLD FASHIONED IDEAS MATE IT'S F986KING OUT OF DATE YOU ARE asking people to spike there insulin……………TAX there bodies system EAT EAT EAT IZ THE PROBLEM with the health service in this Country is consumption YOU are a chef YOU WANT TO SELL FOOOOOOOOD WHY THE FUCK WOULD I LISTEN TO YOU………………..

  3. These look amazing! I miss meal prep! I work away from home 10days on and 3 days off. I see you make 4 meals at a time because after 4 days you said the flavor isn’t good. Any ideas on making 10 at a time so I can have them when I am away at work? Any ideas would be amazing.

  4. Hello! I just came across your channel and it is FANTASTICCCCC! Question, do you count your macros? I'm struggling not to go way over on carbs eating plant based X,D Also, do vegans tend to eat more calories than non-vegans? Trying to fuel properly for my workouts, health, etc. Thank you to anyone in advance that sheds some light =D

  5. Do you reheat the meals? I reckon the food will be cold and soggy after refrigerating for a few days. What do you recommend to keep the meals still look delicious?

  6. It would be nice to make a video for a week's meal prep that do not look identical. I am not sure how one finds interest in preparing meals that will look and taste the same for an entire week.

  7. In case anyone is wondering, here is a rough estimate of the nutrition facts for these meals:

    Meal 1- Oats:
    Cals~ 1075
    Protein~ 30
    Fat~ 47
    Carbs~ 156

    Meal 2- Tofu and Quinoa:
    Cals~ 419
    Protein~ 26
    Fat~ 13
    Carbs~ 53

    Meal 3- Chili:
    Cals~ 524
    Protein~ 26
    Fat~ 5
    Carbs~ 94

    Cals~ 2018
    Protein~ 82
    Fat~ 65
    Carbs~ 303

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