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Healthy Vegan Recipes – Oil Free Veggie Chickpea Salad – Breville Sous Chef 16 Peel & Dice

This is one of my favorite salads because it keeps really well in the fridge…and it is incredibly delicious! I love the nutrient dense vegetables, tomatoes, green bell …

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  1. Hello love your videos. I,be tried many of your recipes. Do you use balsamic vinegar or what. Should tell you that my husband was not for a life style change til I started using your recipes. Thanks again

  2. Can you use the slicing blade without the dicing disc, or do you have to change out the spindle and blade and use the regular spindle and slicing blade? Just thinking it would be an easy way to slice the olives and maybe slice the tomatoes with the biggest dicing disc? If I'm in a hurry, trying to think of the fastest way to cut everything, with the least amount of cleaning of equipment.

  3. Does anyone that has this know…is there a difference between the peel and dice processing bowl and the standard processing bowl that comes with the older Breville food processor? And is there a difference in height in the spindles of the peel-n-dice spindle and the other spindle used for the slicing blades? I am just wondering why can't people just purchase the spindle and the dicing blades without getting a whole different bowl & lid in the conversion set? Thank you.

  4. I make this ALL the time (even before I went WFPB) but I use apple cider vinegar as my acid and no olives (not a fan). You're definitely my brother from another mother when it comes to garlic though!

  5. Just made this in the AM. Sadly, I didn't have enough balsamic and put way too much garlic! at least the hubby is back on the road so that I can eat it and he won't die from me smelling like a vampire hunter.

  6. Green bell peppers are actually unripe. I'd do any other color on the bell peppers. (I learned about this when one day I ate green peppers — only — for lunch one day and ended up with terrible stomach pains!)

  7. So my husband and I are new to your channel, but not to this WOE. Over the weekend we watched many of your videos and really enjoyed them! You have a great personality and way about you and explaining things in a way that my husband, a non-cook, to understand and feel confident in the kitchen. Thank you!
    I made this yesterday and we both LOVE IT! It was yummy when we tasted it after making it; however, today it’s super delicious!
    You’ve got two new regular followers!

  8. I beg to differ on the peeling. Mine does just fine on smaller potatoes that would be too cumbersome to do manually. And, I also prefer to run the garbage disposal rather than having to dig out the peels by hand. For something that's too large for the peeler to work efficiently, yes, I will do those the traditional way. But my budget calls for smaller taters, which the Breville works well with.

  9. Just ordered your cheese sauce, mushroom gravy and a tee. Super excited to try them out. I’m hoping I love it because as much as I love cooking, sometimes I don’t want to make my own. I also don’t want a bunch of unnecessary preservatives in most store bought items

  10. I really dislike cucumbers but once I tried Armenian cucumbers it was on. Try a Middle Eastern store for bulk olives. They're almost half the price of a regular grocery. Only downside is you have to pit them but the taste is awesome. Get the cukes from the ME grocery as well. They're also called miktha there. Thanks for the great recipe ideas.

  11. Love Love Love your style! I just got out of hospital with a terrible Chron's bout, no where near fixed yet but you just gave me the biggest smile and little giggle "Go the Breville Peeler :D" I cook the same as you without the chillies so I just love watching you from down here in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia x

  12. I just made this for the first time. I'm hooked. I struggle with salads having enough flavor while keeping it oil free and without added salt/sugar. This works for me. I had a bag of shelled edamame in the freezer that I threw in (and it seemed to fit well with this). I have plenty to work on all weekend. I did add celery as Denise Sergeant suggested (as I'm, for some reason, obsessed with celery). Thanks for the video, Dillon!!

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