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HEALTHY VEGAN MEXICAN RECIPES ‣‣ easy & meal prep friendly

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  1. One suggestion- for better tasting Mexican food, create simple Mexican salsas in a blender (ex: jalapeño, tomato, garlic, onion and salt) and add it to the soup, instead of those powdered 'spices.' They give a richer and much better flavor.

    Same goes for the beans- home cook them with garlic and onion (instead of a can), MUCH better flavor goes into the beans and that goes into the soup. Home cooked Mexican beans are very easy to make and one batch can be used for various dishes.

    Simple steps that make the Mexican food taste SO much better!

  2. I also signed up with thrive market through you. Can’t wait to make your matcha latte with the coconut butter I have in my thrive market Cart 🙂

  3. I love Thrive Market! I live in a really small town and we don’t get a great variety of ingredients in our grocery stores. Thrive makes more specialty type items more accessible.

  4. Fabulous recipes but for those who aren't in USA Thrive is not available Vegan products are much improved but even so many things cant't easily be matched up YET ,, I keep trying *

  5. My friends and I made vegan enchiladas last week! So yummy, but we used cauliflower and kale instead of jackfruit. We HAVE to try it with the jackfruit this time! The tacos look to die for Alyssa—those would probably be my favorite dish of your bunch! 💖

  6. These all look great 😀 That enchilada recipe looks so interesting. And I have been making my own meatless 'mince' lately (for spag bol), which works out alright but doesn't have quite the same texture, so am interested to try yours. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Another great video Alyssa! I particularly love the last recipe – the quinoa tortilla "meat" 💜 I cook both plantbased and meat – lovers meals for my husband and family and friends. I have served meals that were a hit and when my dinner guests heard they were vegan creations – let's just say surprised and shocked were the results! I personally eat mostly plantbased. I have not tried using lentils in the way you have used them here. I am definitely going to try it! Thanks again for a great video showcasing such creative healthy ways to incorporate plantbased protein ❤️

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