HEALTHY SUMMER TREATS! Healthy Desserts Recipes!

Healthy Summer Treats that are easy and yummy! These healthy desserts make the perfect healthy recipes, Easy Quick Healthy Dessert! HEALTHY DESSERTS …

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  1. Hey! It looks like you add way more than just 1tbs of coconut oil while making the cookie dough. Did you mean 1/2 cup of coconut oil? I really want to make these but I know 1tbs won’t be enough

  2. I have a tip for those of you who want to make the banana pops but don't have coconut oil (like me) or don't care for the taste!
    You can simply use water to make the chocolate sauce. Start with the cocoa powder and add tablespoons of water until it's your desired consistency (For me it was about a 2:1 ratio of water to cocoa powder).
    I made them last night and they were DELICIOUS!

  3. hey, i love this! But can you eat the cockiest dough ice cream sandwich just as cockiest dough and just drop the ice? will it taste like cockiest dough?

  4. Thank you so much they all look so amazing and not too difficult or with a bunch of ingredients. Definetly trying them! I think it would be great to mix the cookie dough as chuncks in your ice cream as well like a healthy Ben & Jerry 🙂

  5. Hi liv I came up with an idea for a microwaveable cake up in a mug
    Ingredients :
    Flour of any type
    Cinnamon (a tiny bit)
    Baking powder
    Then microwave for 60 seconds or more
    Take out and decorate with fruits of your choice and cinnamon

  6. I recently found your channel and I love it because the treats actually are treats, everything else I have seen has been avocado and just making them dark to look like sugary treats but this is exactly what I want. Thank you!

  7. Hi Liv, I love ur food videos! They are great recipes and also very easy to do! I can’t wait to try the cookie dough bars! Just wondering could u put peanut butter in between the cookie dough or would that make it unhealthy and taste nasty?:)

  8. Love your videos!!! I have a crazy idea, but have you ever thought about making a cook book as “merch” with all you’re recipes???? I’d love to buy it!

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