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Healthy Snacks For Intermittent Fasting | Snacks That Aren't Bad For You

(WATCH IN HD) *THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED* *Also, we reached 20k I love you guys so much!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! In todays video, we …

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  1. I really admire uh alot so I'm very over weight n uh encouraged me to loose weight… thanks alot for putting such videos …. I have started this n I can see results.. if uh dont mind can I ask uh how long did it take uh to loose weight?

  2. This video is great! So many ppl discussing weight loss just say β€œdon’t snack,” which is unrealistic with a lot of ppl starting their journey. This is soooo helpful!

  3. Can you do a video on tips when your friends wanna go out to eat but you don’t wanna eat anything bad? Like what to eat at fast food places? I rarely try to eat fast food but my friends love to eat lunch all the time. I wanna enjoy myself but I don’t wanna eat anything too bad for me. Any advice??

  4. You are who got me into IF and now I'm obsessed with this, I love it and find it so easy.
    I lost a lot of weight on it and then reached a plateau. Could it be because I was eating too little calories? I actually found out that most of the days I wasn't even eating 1,000 calories. So I did some research but I wanted to ask you because you've been on IF for so long

  5. Hi Love I enjoy all of your tips for weightloss which I totally agree is a life style change. I want to know can I eat cashews… Just asking for a friend πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  6. I didn't even realize I was intermittent fasting, since I have been eating like this for a while. However, I will now put myself on a time like 11am to 7pm. Just so I am more discipline with what and how I eat in a day. I'm really enjoying your videos. Is it to much trouble to ask you to start putting where you get your snacks?

  7. Loved this taste test recommendations video!!! No idea why these ate so fun to watch but they just are. Also the β€œkitten me meowww” fkin killed me lmao 🀣

  8. Omg! Congrats on 20.kπŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ and I love smart sweets and dark chocolate, you give the best intermittent fasting tips. I'm almost 20lbs down since watching all your videos! Please post more and more!!

  9. I never considered IF until one of your videos popped up on my recommended, I'm currently 170 and I want to go down to 130. At the moment thanks for the inspiration

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