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Healthy Snack Ideas | Delicious & Healthy Low Carb Meal in Only 15 Minutes!

For more low carb, easy, delicious, and healthy snack ideas just like this along with workouts tailored to your specific body type, take my free quiz …

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  1. Thanks for posting Vince eggs in avocado are an excellent way to kick start your day, an excellent snack option and a staple in my eating program! Keep em coming!!

  2. can you give more math on this kind videos? how do you calculate how much kcal in this food? and your portion? is it suitable for fat loss or lean bulking and so on? just require more info, but it is still fun to watch. It is interesting how far your creativity can go. and KEEP GOING. YOU ARE MY GOLD DISCOVERY ON YOUTUBE THIS YEAR!

  3. Thank you for explaining we can make this recipe in higher volumes and thank you for explaining salt and pepper adds flavour. This video sure takes cooking to a higher level.

  4. I'm not big on that veggie but am willing to try this one cause I do like eggs. I use to do a half dozen raw eggs like a drink in the mornings as a quick breakfast. With a bowl of oatmeal with a banana or berries and a slice of whole wheat bread with a little peanut butter on the slice of toast . Then 2 hours later have a protein drink then have a half a chicken . But that was in time a ways back and I was much more active and doing martial arts and hitting the gym for weight resistance exercise too. And I also was a younger guy than now. In closing its hard as hell for this 60 going on 61 year old guy but I'm back in the gym and trying to put some both muscle and strength back into this body. In fact ? I may if all goes well try to body build this old body. So I guess I can say move over Arnie and RIC Draisen…lol…anyway I will try or little dish here .TY.

  5. Hey Vince I love your videos so much and they really motivate me. I do a new HIIT work out every day from the v.shred website and I have worked out a balanced diet from the v.shred page also. I’m also doing the 6 pack shred work outs about 3 times a week but I’m just not seeing those results I’m not cutting corners or anything I watched one of your videos about skinny fat people and I am one of them I feel confident in my body with some types of clothes but when I go to the beach with my friends I feel yuck and like I’m looking gross maybe you would have a super solution that could indeed help me and I would love it if u could reply back I love watching your videos keep up the great work.

  6. Great alternatives!! LOVE THEM… ♥ and I think you cook better than I do! ☺// Could you do a video about BINGE EATING? What to do you suggest to do in order to avoid them? PLEEEEASE

  7. I dont do the whole Low Carb or Low Fat diets…… I eat what I want, But then again Im not ripped with a six pack, etc. but atleast Im enjoying what Im eating
    Good video though. I dont really care for Avocado

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