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Healthy Smoothie Recipe With No Sugar | Dr Mona Vand

Link to thrive market: ***I HIGHLY recommend finding and getting these snacks (and all superfoods) at thrive market. They beat …

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  1. Very nice recipe! Açaí is a treasure from both north (Euterpe oleraceae) and south (Euterpe edulis) Brazil! As a Brazilian, and having Portuguese as my mother tongue, let me suggest you to use the "Ç" when writing AÇAÍ (the correct way to write it). So that people could understand why it is pronounced with an "s" sound. 🙂

  2. Acai and cacao !!!!!!
    I have eaten a raw traditional acai bowl in Brazil… and acai has natural sugar… it is really healthy thou and recommend has a pre- workout / highly productive day super food.

  3. Im a first timer to your video. Also, first timer to smoothies … and honestly …. healthy foods. So you have got me really interested in introducing smoothies to my life. Here goes …..

  4. Your knowledge and experience sharing with us makes us most benefited and inspired us right food to be eaten at right time and in right qty so as to get benefited from balance diet. There is one query. Stevia is a good or bad compare to sugar? Diabetic patient? Calorific value? Like some suppliments with stevia( INS 960) comes under brand musclexp supergreens, macrolife natural greens etc. should it to be avoided as packed items or can be taken with regular tradition diet at right time? one link pasted below shows some information on stevia so request your feeback on same.Whether this site is having good and correct info? Weight lifting and cardio exercise 1 to 2 hours good for person to be fit means to make muscles strong and healty weight loss????~

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